Enhance your sound


From getting rid of unwanted segments, mistakes and coughing, to timing, music placement, effects and ads.
We love it.



Mastering is where we get rid of background noise, tame the loud peaks and glue things together to make for a crisp sound experience.


How it works


Record and prepare your audio. The better sounding it comes in, the better sounding it comes out.

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Share your files to info@lundgrenaudio.com using Google Drive, WeTransfer, or any other service of you choice.


Take the opportunity to hype your upcoming release using our resources on how to market your production.


When everything sounds good, we'll send it back over to you for approval!


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Edwin Lundgren
Audio engineer

Lundgren Audio is a Swedish audio production company with well over a decade of experience in recording, sound design, mixing and mastering.

We work with companies, artists, podcasters, audiobook narrators alike and provide a range of services, including editing and mastering of music, podcasts, audiobooks, voice overs as well as custom orders for bigger projects like composing, sessions, audio restoration etc.

Not only are we seasoned engineers working exclusively with top equipment and software to deliver audio beyond industry standards, but have an ear for details like none other.

With us, your audio is in good hands.

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